Tonkin Snub-nosed Monkey Conservation Programme


Introduction: Tonkin snub-nosed monkey (TSM) is only found in Vietnam. They are Vietnam’s largest primate species and have a very distinctive look that is almost comical due to the upturned nose, tufted ears, pale blue rimmed eyes, thick, pink lips and long white tail. They have different calls including a loud hiccough-like alarm call. This species is found in tropical evergreen forests associated with karsts limestone hills and mountains, and is largely restricted to primary forest at elevations between 200 and 1,200 m in North Vietnam. TSM is one of the 25 most endangered species of primate in the world. The species was listed in IUCN Red List as Critically Endangered (CR) because its population size is estimated to number fewer than 250 mature individuals, with no subpopulation greater than 100 mature individuals, and it is facing a continuing decline. Distribution of TSM has become dramatically restricted in recent decades due to massive deforestation and intensive hunting.TSM is confined to a few forested areas in far northeastern Viet Nam. It is currently known only from small forest patches in Na Hang Nature Reserve in Tuyen Quang Province and Khau Ca Conservation Area, Du Gia Nature Reserve and Tung Vai area in Ha Giang Province.Khau Ca – Du Gia area (Ha Giang Province) where this project will take place contains the world largest population of TSM (estimated of 100–120 individuals in 2013 census). The main long-term threat to the TSM at Khau Ca- Du Gia area is the limited area of the suitable forest habitat. Potential threats to the species and its habitat locally include illegal logging, hunting, exploitation of a range of non-timber forest products, shifting cultivation, fuel wood collection and grazing of livestock in the forest. At present, very little is known about ecology of this important TSM population.

Centre for Resources, Environment and Climate change (CeREC) in collaboration with Ha Giang Provincial Forest Protection Department is implementing Tonkin Snub-nosed Conservation Programme with the aim of providing long-term conservation for the TSM in Khau Ca - Du Gia area, Ha Giang Province.

Objective TSM Conservation Programme:

1. Raise awareness and pride among local communities concerning the TSM: Producing and distribution of local people friendly education materials (conservation posters, leaflets in local languages) and conduct village meetings for TSM conservation education
2. Support community-based protection of the TSM by a village patrol groups: Establish Village conservation groups (VCGs) at guardian communes; Conduct capacity building to the members of VCGs on forest patrol, law enforcement and support operation of VCGs
3. Capacity training for staff members of Khau Ca - Du Gia NR on TSM monitoring and conservation including basic conservation principles, techniques of forest patrol and law enforcement, and TSM monitoring techniques
4. Support habitat improvement for long-term survival of TSM: to assess gaps in habitat quality and support habitat improvement activities including forest restoration and habitat corridor development
5. Research of the behavior and ecology of the Tonkin snub-nosed monkey for conservation implication with focus on feeding ecology of TSM

Partners & Donors of the Programme:

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