CeREC attended the Workshop on Gibbon Rehabilitation, Reintroduction and Translocation in Cambodia - CeREC tham gia Hội thảo về tái phục hồi và di chuyển Vượn tại Cămpuchia

 The "Gibbon Rehabilitation, Reintroduction and Translocation” workshop was convened by the IUCN SSC PSG Section on Small Apes from January 6-10, 2014 in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Due to the incredibly high threat that gibbons face throughout their range, reintroduction is a vital conservation initiative given small population sizes, local extirpations and ready availability of animals for reintroduction. The workshop was the opportunity for key representatives currently working in gibbon conservation to work together to develop integrated guidelines for gibbon rehabilitation, reintroduction and translocation that encompass conservation, welfare, ecosystem impacts and other relevant concepts. Key components of these guidelines are work-shopped based on current knowledge and data, resulting in best practice guidelines that can assist and improve success of gibbon reintroduction efforts. 

Photo 1. Dr. Rawson B., Chairman of IUCN/SSC/ Primate Speciealist Group Section of Small Ape making presentation  - TS. Rawson B. - Trưởng phân ban các loài khỉ giả nhân nhỏ của IUCN/PSG thuyêt trình

Photo 2: Associate Prof. Dr. Nguyen Xuan Dang, Deputy Director of CeREC attends the Workshop - PGS. TS. Nguyễn Xuân Đặng, PGĐ Trung tâm CeREC tham dự Hội thảo

Vietnam is a home of 6 gibbon species (Nomascus nasutus. N. concolor, N. leucogenys, N. siki, N. annamensis and N. gabriellae). All species are much threatened by hunting and habitat loss. Centre for Resources, Environment and Climate Change (CeREC) is active on Gibbon conservation. At present, CeREC focuses its effort on the conservation of IUCN Critically endangered species - Northern White-cheeked Gibbon Nomascus leucogenys in Vietnam